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Junior Developer


Virtual Cop 2 is a multi-platform experience built to show users a gamified experience of a day in the life of a New Zealand Police Officer.

I worked on the 111 Emergency and 105 Non-emergency experiences for the Communications Centre. I also created smaller interactions, such as the coffee stop and fingerprint scanner. I also worked a lot on asset implementation with objects such as environment meshes, character rigs, and animations.

I was also responsible for converting all the VR interactions for the Station and Communications Centre Level to be playable on both mobile and PC.


Unreal Engine, Blender, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Perforce




Oculus Quest, IOS, Android, PC


New Zealand Police


Interactive Development

105 Communicators

The 105 Communicators experience was a gamified simulation of a call that a non-emergency communicator might receive while on the job.

This experience consists of Information Blocks, which can be sorted to proceed and gather more information from a caller. The player would go through different routes depending on how these blocks are sorted. Or if the player took too long, the caller would hang up.

On all platforms, a block is sorted by hovering it over a corresponding panel.

All screens were created with Unreal Engine's UMG UI Designer. The voice wave effect was made with a ribbon particle system.

The text conversation on the screen was connected to a level sequence with events that would send text information to it and spawn corresponding blocks.

111 Communicators

The 111 Communicators experience is similar to the 111 Communicators but with a more urgent atmosphere. The player is logging information to track down the location of the caller and find out more about the crime a suspect has committed. Information blocks would also despawn after a time limit to add urgency.

Most blocks would spawn meshes when logged to build up a visual representation of the crime scene.

The ending of the experience will differ based on if the player has logged enough information correctly, such as the suspect getting away if there isn't enough about the location.