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Junior Developer


Soul Æther is a young adult sci-fantasy world exploring past lives, science, magic and alchemy. It spans NFTs, an animated series, games, metaverse experiences and more.

For this project, I helped script a 3D character generator that could be used to randomize, customize and load previously created characters. I also made some custom materials for special characters based on alchemic elements.


Python, Blender, Photoshop, Git








Material Development

Elemental Materials

We were given textures to create 30 materials inspired by existing concept art. Some notable ones I made were:

  • Oxygen

  • Arsenic

  • Aqua Fortis

  • Cobalt

  • Mercury

We were given basic diffuse, roughness, metallic and normal maps for each element. Using these, I created the materials in Blender.

Since most textures had to fit on the character regardless of its shape, I used box projection to wrap them around each mesh. For a couple, I experimented with a Fresnel effect to either get a slight glow effect or give the material an interesting feel.


Character Generator

This project aimed to create a system where we could generate, edit and save different characters to later render out. We built a custom-plug on top of a forked version of Blend My NFTs to achieve this.


Using the Blender Python API, I programmed different ways to edit outfits of a character so a user could create a custom outfit. Using the API, I designed and linked up a UI and tried making it as simple as possible with Blender Python's existing UI functionality.

I also created a colour palette creator for artists on our team to use. It had to fit with our colour system that was made to create easy colour alternatives for all clothing meshes.