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Junior Developer


ATUA is an Augmented Reality experience which connects the physical, digital, and spiritual worlds through Te Kore - The Great Nothingness, the Empty Void. There is two versions of this experience; one centered around a physical Pouwhenua and a digital experience able to be done anywhere.

ATUA premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2022 and has featured in DocEdge Film Festival 2022.

For this project, I developed most of the user interface based on concept designs and helped with some particle systems.


Unreal Engine, Photoshop, Perforce






FAFSWAG, Piki Films


UI Development

General UI Development

I developed most of the UI based on approved concept designs within Unreal Engine UMG. The list includes the starting menu, subtitle system, information menu, and more.

Screen Resolution and Scaling

I designed and tested the UI on multiple screen resolutions to make sure everyone would get the best possible experience.

Particle Development

Stardust Particle System

I created floating light particles that would emerge as stars to visually support the Atua.

The shape was made with a material. I used an opacity mask to create the shape of the star with a radial mask to soften out the points. I then exponentially changed its brightness to create a glowing effect. I controlled this over a curve to time the brightness easily.