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Junior Developer


The Luminous is a VR series unpacking the fundamental connections between Science and Spirituality.

My main contributions to this project were grey-boxing interactions and level flow, then developing upon that. I also worked on and optimized some materials to get the most I could out of mobile VR.


Unreal Engine, Blender, Photoshop, Perforce


2021 - 2023


Oculus Quest VR



Interaction Development

Level Progression System

One level within The Luminous was based around the user exploring the scale of our universe by gradually shrinking themselves into a microscopic scale.

This was achieved using hand-tracking with the player grabbing the space in front of them and pulling their hands away. This way, the player would be pulling themselves into the world. I was responsible for tying this mechanic with the level and scale the world according to the player's input.

The level consisted of five different areas, each exponentially smaller than the last. The speed at which each area was scaled was controlled by a custom curve so that I could individually control how each area would feel.

Each area was set up to be scaled relative to the previous area and would finish at a scale relative to its starting scale. Each area would appear after the player had completed the previous area.

Material Development

Leaf Material Optimization

I was responsible for creating and optimizing a material for a leaf mesh that would scale up to 10,000x of its original size. One initial issue was having to design the material in a way that would look good at any scale but still be performant enough for mobile.

The material had to be made unlit, as having a lit and dynamic object was too expensive. I added custom functionality to support normal maps within an unlit texture. I then used a colour curve to create my own cheap and stylized lighting, specularity, and shadows for the leaf. The material would read the curve and add lighting or shadow based on the viewing angle of a pixel on the leaf.