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Fish Game is an Unreal Engine 5 project I am solely developing that is currently a work in progress.

The basic premise is an aquarium-raising game where players can buy, care for and collect different species of fantastical fish.


Unreal Engine 5,  C++, Blender



Gameplay Programming

Modular Programming

As my game is in the early stages, I wanted to keep all interactivity modular to keep it easy to work with any new classes I might need in the future.

To do this, I made C++ interfaces for all interactions. Some examples are the Purchasable and Selectable interfaces. 

For the Selectable interface, the PlayerController uses it to check if the Player clicks on anything that implements it. If it does, the Actor will turn on a post-processing outline and open an information pop-up based on the Actor.

Visual Development

Fish Materials Set Up

One of the ideas for this game in the future is to either let the player breed various colour schemes of fish or give them the chance to collect rare coloured fish. 

To keep this all within scope for just me, I'm working with a low-poly style and setting up textures to be lightweight and reusable. This way I can easily use the same colour texture across multiple fish meshes and then editing/creating colour textures will be super easy.

The downside is any designs are limited by how the polys are set up and how their UVs can be set up. But this limitation could help the game lean into its own style later on.